October 4th

The Greek

By Chef Alex Authentic Greek fresh food just like its made in Greece. No shortcuts just Real Food come and see for yourself!!


  • Gyro’s
  • Lamb chops
  • Baklava
  • Octopus
  • Pita

Chef Alex isn’t new to this. He will tell you. This is how they do it in Greece. He would know because he was feeding the masses there with culinary talents. Now he is state side and travels up and down Florida to bring the people his fire dishes.

Call ahead at 954-658-4201 or place a to go order. Visit them at http://Theauthenticgreek.com

Kobschie’s Rolled Ice

Things to try

  • Cookies meet Bananas
  • The Banana split
  • Coconut Kisses Pineapple

Ice Cream Rolls are THE new street food trend. Ice cream gets “cold fried” in a frozen pan by -30°. We mix the ingredients with scrapers on a cold plate to delicious Ice Cream Rolls.

Visit their website at http://www.kobschiesicerolls.com or give a call at 786-557-0396

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